The Art of Being Enlightened

I've been really into Ascended Masters art lately. Seeing artists interpenetration of various leaders and spirits is very fascinating. ascended masters

hindu god

While looking at the art I began drawing my own Masters from the Goons realm. I wanted to share the abundant amount of Ascended Masters there are in the Goons universe. Please enjoy looking at them...who knows you may even experience a miracle while looking into the art.

goons ascended masters

I have this wonderful brown spiral paper that reminds of the paper in BE HERE NOW. Included here are Jesus and Saint Germane. Or should I say Gesus and Saint Goonmane. Maybe someday I'll write my own picture book similar to Mr. Ram Das.

goons ascended masters

goons ascended masters

Enjoy your time on my blog and make sure you check back very often.

Sending my love and best - GOONS. <3